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  Our Accounting Consulting services:  

. Handling the client company’s official accounting in accordance with the   Commercial Code, generally accepted accounting principles and ICAC (Spanish   Accounting Standards Board) criteria and IFRS.

. Reviewing and controlling the company's accounting documentation.

. Treasury control and bank reconciliations.

. Management of depreciation and provisions.
. Issue and analyse balance statements and profit and loss accounts. .   Legalisation and creation of the Official Accounting Books required by current   commercial law: General Ledger, Inventory Annual Accounts Book and Income   and Expenditure Book.
. Prepare and deposit Annual Accounts with the Trade Register of Madrid: Annual   Accounts (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Annual Report) and   General Shareholders Meeting Certificate.
. Reporting. .
  Prepare and deposit action plans and Annual Foundation Accounts under the   protectorate for foundations.



At AEMA, our team of experts advises our clients on the best way to do their accounting in the understanding that this is the backbone of any company. Financial control and management are impossible without the information provided by bookkeeping that accurately and faithfully represents the company’s transactions.


The data for all tax statements is obtained from the company’s accounting; therefore, it is essential to being able to properly file all tax statements. Poor accounting can lead to paying more taxes. For this reason, allow us to be the guarantee for your books.

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