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  Some of the services provided in the field of Labour Consulting include:  

• Preparation of monthly and extraordinary payroll
• Calculation of Social Security contribution forms and electronic remittance   through the Spanish Social Security online system
• Updating wages in accordance with legal modifications.
• Process Social Security registrations, deletions and data changes for workers   hired by the company through the Spanish Social Security online system.
• Process accident and illness reports and submit them to the Social Security   Administration through the Spanish Social Security online systems.
• Prepare and file employment contracts and renewal notices for the Public Jobs   System through the Sistema Contrat@ online system.
• Prepare and calculate Receipts of Final Settlements as well as Employment   Separation Certificates.
• Prepare and send the annual Personal Income Tax summary (Form 190)   and   payments on account (Form 110) and (Form 111) as well as withholdings   certificates.
• Monthly cost reports.
• Prepare conciliation acts and Social Court documents.
• Registrations/Deletions in the various schemes, self-employment, domestic   employees….
• Legalisation of inspection books and worksite opening notices.

• Representation  in labour inspections.
• Any procedure the client needs requiring personal   appearance before authorities   such as INEM, TGSS, INSS, the Spanish Tax Administration, etc.
• Risk Prevention.
• Debt-Free Tax Administration and Social Security certificates
• Study / Calculation of any disability filing.
• Study / Calculation of any filings related to benefits for Retirement, Widowhood ... • Study and processing of Employment Regulation Files (ERE)


Labour relations and rapport within the company is one of the pillars for proper business development.


This is linked to clear contracts and always abiding by the collective agreements established for the company.


To achieve our objective, we have a team of highly qualified and specialised experts who receive ongoing training to provide multidisciplinary work in the search for the best solutions for your company.


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